• 2 Lessons

    Fresh Start Challenge

    Welcome to Your New Beginning

    The Fresh Start Challenge is a solo, online mini-course designed for men looking for direction to get their lives back on track. Designed for two weeks of deep introspection and goals setting, The Fresh Start Challenge walks students through the beginning steps of creating a new trajectory and provides a clear path forward. Every person has unique goals and dreams and this course aims to point students in a positive direction, giving them tools to work with, and helping them learn from past mistakes. Hopefully, this course will give you the courage and the tools to make your Fresh Start last.
  • 6 Lessons

    The Conversationalist Course

    What is The Conversationalist Course?

    The Conversationalist Course is a solo online course designed to take you from zero conversational skills to competency in five weeks. Each week builds upon the previous. The key difference between this course and other similar courses is the weekly division of lessons - a mental game video, a toolbox/skills video, and practice or practical application video. Whether you're just starting out or you're already somewhat skilled, there's something for everyone. Lifetime access to the course means you'll be kept up to date with future iterations and additional bonus content as it's added. Welcome to your conversation masterclass.